Small DIY weaving kit with plywood frame

Woolen kilim DOGGIES


Large DIY weaving kit with plywood frame



A DIY weaving kit with a plywood, useful weaving tools and woolen yarns.


Small DIY weaving kit includes small plywood weaving frame and a set of all useful weaving tools. You can also choose an option with 6 balls of weaving yarn made of recycled wool and a cone with 100g of cotton warp thread.  That’s all you need to start making your own weavings and wall hangings! This kit is the best choice for those who start an adventure with a weaving craft or for those who seek for a light travelling weaving frame.

The dyed yarn is 100% wool and recycled from the industrial production of rugs. White yarn is non-dyed, in natural sheep’s fleece color and it comes from the sustainable sheep’s farm in the south of Poland. Each yarn ball usually comes in one unbroken string but sometimes there can be on or two knots.

100 grams of yarn is approximately 140 meters (460′).

In small set each ball is ~20g. The weight of balls can differ slightly but the weight of whole set is 120g (+/- 2g). This is an ideal amount to make one weaving on our small frame.

The whole set includes:

  • the plywood weaving frame
    size: 20×30 cm | 7.8×11.8″
    max. weaving area: 14×23 cm | 5.5×9″
  • 120g of weaving yarn
  • 100g of cotton warp thread
  • one 22 cm (8.9″) long flat shuttle
  • one 20 cm (7.9″) long needle
  • one 14 cm (5.5″) long needle
  • a comb (10×5,5 cm | 3.9×2.2″)
  • a wooden stick to hang your weaving
  • a booklet with basic weaving instructions

The instruction shows a way to warp the loom, a basic plain weave, weaving basic shapes, making rya knots, finishing weaving and preparing to hang your weaving on the wall.

All Tartaruga’s looms, frames and accessories are produced in Poland.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 6 cm
Język instrukcji

English, Polish


without yarns, Baia, Erba, Gelato, Sasso, Terra

The weaving frame is made of plywood.
The weaving yarn is 100% recycled wool.
Warp thread is 100% cotton.

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