Weaving a kilim

We would like to show you our story about weaving a kilim!

First of all you have to prepare a warp. All threads need to have same length, sometimes it’s over 200 of them!

Next step is about warping all threads throug proper gaps and eyelets. Then you have to knot it to the back roller, warp through shafts and knot all threads to the front roller. Sounds quite complicated and its not a coincidence!



Next step is to copy the design on the warp and start weaving. We are using needles and  shuttles. Kilims from The Mountains collection are woven from raw wool collected from local sheep farms. You can find there natural shades of gray, beige and black.




When kilim is finished we take the weaving out of the loom! Then we knot all fringes, finish all threads, sew a label and few metal rings which let you hang the weaving on the wall.

Sometimes it takes over a week to finish a big kilim. It means we spend several dozen of hours in front of the loom. It’s not a problem, when you do what you love.

Photos and film from whole process of making The Mountains kilims were taken by Karolina Grabowsk&Kaboompics and Marcin Podolec from Yellow Tapir Films. Thank you guys!

Don’t hasitate to take a look on the rest of photos (below) and a short movie (here).








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