Kilim is a very long-living piece of textile and with proper care it can last for many, many years. Currently Tartaruga offers two types of textiles – woolen kilims and cotton rugs. There are many similar care instructions for both of them, but there are also some significant differences so always check if you’re using right cleaning methods.

Care instructions for woolen kilims

Woolen kilims are quite rigid and their surface is smooth. Wool as a raw material has some specific features, so the textiles made out of it don’t absorb dirt easily as other materials do. That’s why the basic care operation for woolen kilims is just vacuuming. You can use a regular vacuum cleaner – we guarantee, that it won’t do any damage to our products. Unfortunately the worst enemy of wool is water. Machine wash is just forbidden if you want your kilim to stay alive. Also hand wash can make a damage sometimes. We don’t recommend using woolen kilims in places, where they could have a contact with water, ex. in the bathroom.

If you use your kilim as a wall hanging, the care gets really easy. It’s enough to vacuum it once or twice a year. You can also reverse it sometimes. And actually, that’s all. You can dry wash if necessary. But we know from our experience, that it won’t be necessary until you split a glass of wine or tea on your kilim.

Kilims placed on the floor need some more attention. Also in this case the basic operation is vacuuming. We recommend rotating your kilim sometimes, just to be sure it’s wearing out evenly. When it gets dirty, you can just reverse it and use on the other side. And when finally both sides get dirty (this process can take even few years) you just leaving it in the laundry for dry washing. In case of spilling a wine, tea, coffee or anything else on the kilim the most important thing is to dry the stain immediately with the paper towel. Then you can try to remove the stain with damp cloth. If the stain remains visible, then only solution is a dry washing.

Care instructions for cotton rugs

Rugs made of T-shirt yarn are very easy-care. We recommend them always to allergy sufferers or pets owners. Believe us, we know what does a fluffy cat or a husky dog in a house mean. We guarantee that all that fur, sand, or other suspicious dirt can be easily vacuumed from our cotton rugs. For even wear it’s good to rotate and reverse rug sometimes. And when it gets dirty on both sides you can wash it in the washing machine in the maximum temperature of 40 °C. Dry flat to avoid wrinkles.

We recommend using a anti-slippery pad for all of our products placed on the floor.