Tartaruga to autorska pracownia tkacka założona w 2017 roku w Łodzi przez Jadzię Lenart i Wiktorię Podolec.artaruga is a small weaving studio founded in Lodz, Poland in 2017 by Jadzia Lenart and Wiktoria Podolec. As concious designers and craftsmen we’ve decided to stand in opposition to the mass textile industry and all its consequences. That’s why all of our products are handmade with traditional tools and techniques.

On a daily basis, Tartaruga’s atelier creates handwoven contemporary kilims, rugs and wall hangings. We’re one of the founders of NÓW. New Craft, which gathers contemporary Polish craftsmen.

Tartaruga means “a turtle”. It’s very slow but also unique and long-lived. The same words could be used to describe our kilims.

Our materials


For most of our products we use recycled yarn, which is a waste from the mass carpet production. Nevertheless, it’s still an excellent material with the ultimate properties to use in weaving craft.


Some of our projects require use of new raw wool, which we get from the local sustainable sheep farm in the south of Poland. We use yarns in natural shades of wool or dye them with plant-based dyes.


Also known as T-shirt yarn, recycled cotton yarn is a waste from production of knitted materials. It’s very soft and practical material, suitable for people with allergies or vegans. Cotton rugs can be washed in a washing mashine.

Our values


Most of the raw materials we use come from recycling and are biodegradable. Our production waste is now reduced almost to 0%. This means that a waste from weaving a big kilim fits in one hand. We use only plant-based or non-toxic dyes.


Every Tartaruga’s kilim was woven in our studio in Lodz. Our whole team works in the best conditions and gets a fair salary. Two percent of our income is always intended for charity.


One of the most precious values for us is a work of human hands. We believe that every handcrafted item has a hidden story, that begins in the workshop and then continues in the hands of its owner.


All of our products are made with the ultimate attention to detail. The raw materials were chosen precisely to get the best possible properties.

Our place


The city has been very strongly associated with the textile industry since its beginning. Every day we pass places that remind us of the city’s former glory built on textiles. Abandoned factories and post-industrial spaces create a unique atmosphere. They are both a challenge and a great inspiration for us to work.

Studio. Our studio is located in a beautiful gold building in the crossing of Wschodnia and Wlokiennicza streets. Through the large windows, you can watch us work on traditional wooden looms. Our doors are always open to visitors, so feel free to peek at us on the other side of the glass as well. We also invite you to visit our little gift shop Tartaruga i Przyjaciele, on Wschodnia 54 st, where you can see and buy our artwork and other beautiful items from local artisans.