contemporary kilims, rugs and wall hangings

Tartaruga is a weaving studio and it's born of passion shared by two friends, lovers of craft and beautiful design. We create contemporary kilims and wall hangings because we think that textiles are irreplaceable part of every interior. We believe in slow design! Every piece is handmade with traditional tools and techniques. Materials we use were produced in sustainable way or were recycled. All the yarns are dyed with non-toxic dyes. We also try to reduce a production waste. Our fabrics are made with respect for environment and our employees. A few percent of our incom is always intended to support non-govermental organisation that helps migrants and refugees.
Tartaruga Studio is based in Łódź and it's not a coincidence. The city was strongly connected with textile industry from the very beginning. With our activities we try to refer to those rich traditions. That's why we also conduct workshops for kids and adults. Weaving classes can help to know fabrics in practice.
Tartaruga means "a turtle". The turtle is slow but long-lived and unique. Exactly like our fabrics.

Wiktoria Nowak
Owner, Designer, Maker
I live and work in Łódź, Poland. I deal with textile design since 2013. Privately I'm a lover of polish craft, NBA fan, amateur pastry cook. I'm addicted to houseplants, books and Netflix. And I'm also a mother to the rescued dog Bajka.

Jadzia Lenart
Designer, Maker
I started to weave a few years ago and now I can't stop! I'm hyperactive student of 2 different textile design faculties. I like good design, natural materials, and to walk barefoot. I'm an addict of audiobooks, coffee and chocolate. After hours I try to finally become a friend of my cat Franka.

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