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Woolen kilim made by hand using recycled yarns

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Textile industry generates an enormous amount of contaminations and waste, which are getting more visible and problematic in the modern world. That issue was an inspiration for Tartaruga studio to work on a WASTEWORLD project. It’s a collection of hand woven kilims made in over 90% of woolen yarns recycled from mass carpet production. These yarns come in the full spectre of colors but can’t be reused in the industry anymore, due to the low beam mass. Nevertheless, they are still an excellent material with the ultimate properties to use in weaving craft.

Kilim itself is a kind of textile which is fully usable, reversable, very dense and it improves the acoustics of any interior. It can be used as a wall decoration, but also as a space divider or a floor rug. Kilims are always hand made because yet there’s no technology to replace a human’s hands work in the kilim technique.

Due to the limited avaliability of yarns, every product from the WASTEWORLD collection is unique and made only in one copy. All the kilims are signed; bear a serial number and names of designer and maker. 2% of income is intended to charity.

This set of kilims was designed as a composition, which could work as three different carpets, but if you put all of them together they look like one huge kilim. You can use them together or separately.

100×150 cm

Product handmade in Poland

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 15 × 15 cm

warp: 100% cotton
weft: 100% recycled wool

Anti-slip pad is necessary while kilim is used on the floor. We recommend rotating and reversing a kilim every few months for even use. It can be easily vacuumed. When a stain appears drain it with a paper towel and then wipe the spot gently with damp cloth. Dry clean if necessary.

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