Woolen kilim FOBOS

kilim wełniany MONOCEROS

Woolen kilim MONOCEROS

kilim wełniany DEIMOS

Woolen kilim DEIMOS




FOBOS is a hand woven wool kilim inspired by the lunar landscape. It is part of the LUNAR collection, where you will find designs evocative of minimalist mountain and seaside landscapes, distinctive sunsets and gesture-drawn forms. Woolen kilim Fobos can be hung on the wall or used as a rug. The traditional manufacturing technique and properly selected technical parameters make the kilim durable, abrasion resistant and easy to maintain.

Kilims from the LUNAR collection are made in two color variants. The collection features tapestries in a range of greens, beiges, with touches of navy blue and orange, as well as a series in shades of brown, beige, cobalt, faded pink and gray. The kilims in each series are designed to match each other in color and form a coherent whole, regardless of the configuration.

Wool yarn used in production comes from textiles recycling. It is a leftover from the mass production of carpets and can not be reused in industry. However, it is an excellent material for handwork. Through handicraft production, we can give a second life to these fully valuable materials. Choosing the kilim technique also minimizes waste per tapestry to less than a handful of biodegradable wool and cotton offcuts.

Every kilim from LUNAR collection is signed; bear a serial number and names of designer and maker.a. The handmade technique makes each piece unique. 2% of income is intended to charity.

Please notice that colours and details in reality may vary slightly. Remember that color reception on the device is affected by the monitor/display settings.

Dimentions without fringes:
70×100 cm | 27×39 in
100×150 cm | 39×59 in
150×225 cm
200×300 cm

Fringes length (top and bottom): about 10 cm.

On request, we can make a kilim without fringes. To do so, contact us by adding a comment to your order, through the form on the website or by sending an email to contact@tartarugastudio.pl.

Kilim is made by hand so its dimention can differ max. 5%.

Production time depends on the selected size:
70×100 cm | about 3 weeks
100×150 cm | about 4 weeks
150×225 cm | about 6 weeks
200×300 cm | about 10 weeks

Product handmade in Poland.


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weft: 100% recycled wool
warp: 100% cotton

Kilim can be vacuumed. Dry clean if necessary.

If the kilim is used as a rug on the floor we recommend rotating it every few months.

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